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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How to Add a bug to Projistics Bug Tracker?

A bug can be added to Projistics BugTracker through multiple ways:

  • You may log the bug through a comprehensive Add Bug page which allows you to capture detailed information about the bug.
  • You may also import a list of bugs from Microsoft Excel. Your clients can report bugs directly using an external Add Bug page which requires no login information.
  • There is only one mandatory field, the Bug Title. Besides, Projistics automatically remembers key detail fields like version, module etc. which helps users save time spent in data capture.
  • You can attach screenshots of the bug or attach an email for reference, categorize bugs by project version, module, bug type, injection and detection lifecycle stages and, so on.
  • Custom Fields may be used to log additional information about the bug

To have a look on the screenshots for BugAdd screen, checkout

For more help on how to use Projistics Bug Tracker or for a product tour, you can checkout the following links:

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Upcoming Features

We are very soon coming up with a Trouble Shooter on our website So, you guys will now be able to solve your maximum issues online.
And, if anyone has any issues or queries till we launch Troubleshooter and after that as well, please write to us at (for issues) or (for queries).

Monday, December 24, 2007

Projistics Bug Tracker 3.0 Released!

Features included in version 3.0

  • New and fresh AJAX based interface.
  • Improved entity filtering muscled with new interface and optimized algorithm.
  • Single view for Tracker Administration.
  • Bread Crumb links for easy user navigation.
  • New Reports with graphical and detailed drill down interfaces for real time visibility into project’s health.
  • Custom 2D report with gadgets and drill down functionality, which allows user to display bug matrix and graphs by selecting row and column values with different graphical views.
  • Pie chart report with configurable parameters like state, status and priority etc and different show values like number of bugs, estimation effort etc.

For detailed feature list in Version 3.0, you can visit

Projistics Bug Tracker Highlights!

Priojistics Bug Tracker is the new Web Based Bug Tracking tool by Projistics to track bugs effectively with least effort.

It is easy to setup, requires minimum administration and easy to use for users with minimum clicking and without any training required at all. Just create a workspace for a project and straight away start using the bug tracker for the project.

Some of the salient features available include:

  • Customizable workflow to allow managers to control/automate the complete bug tracking process.
  • Configurable rule engine for escalation mails to allow close monitoring of bugs and notification mails with instant alerting on priority bugs.
  • Optimized searches and filtration options.
  • Export/Import to /from Excel to provide the liberty to users to work offline.
  • Centralized and integrated discussion platform for any bug by means of threaded discussions.
  • Strong Reporting features like detailed reports, summarized/comprehensive reports, and graphical reports make it very usable for all level of users from Senior Management to Project Managers to Team members.
  • Executive gadgets & reports give a broader picture about the health of any project to Management.

and, lot more - all available at the most reasonable possible price!

For more details, visit